bottom of tank

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  1. V

    I miss having bottom dwellers

    I want something that'll occupy the bottom. I'm interested in shrimp since they barely have any bio load, but I've also heard they're sensitive. I have livebearers, so if they would eat them, I'd have to get Amano shrimp, which I'm not really interested in since they're not as colorful as other...
  2. H

    Platy laying on bottom of tank

    Hello. My platt girl has been laying at the bottom of the tank for going on 2 weeks now and I can’t figure it out. I was worried she may have velvet or the starting a of Ich so I treated the tank last week with ich-x according to the directions. Did the 25% water change 4 days in a row. Along...
  3. Inkweaver313

    Extremely sick African Cichlid

    Hi. I have an African cichlid in quarantine that has a weird lesion on his head. I’ve been treating him with an antibiotic, some aquarium salt, and doing 50% water changes a day. there is no ammonia, nitrite, or nitrates in the take because of this. the last two days this fish refused to...