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  1. R

    Bloody eye in sturgeon

    Hi there, It's about one month that I have a problem with my Acipenser stellatus, their eyes become bloody. At first it's a small spot but it grows bigger and affect all the eye and after 20 days (approximately) it become dark and at the end their socket become empty. Some fishes die at early...
  2. K

    wound on betta? not sure whats wrong?

    so recently my male betta fish has (i think) an opened wound on the side of his body. I was changing his water last week when i noticed it and there was a few drops of blood in the container I had him in prior changing the water. I have been using betafix and changing 1/4 of the water to keep...
  3. N

    Very Sick Weather Loach!

    Help!   My 9 year old weather loach is incredibly swollen and ill looking. He has slowly been getting more swollen for about two weeks now (I call him a he but have no evidence to base this on!) which I originally put down to my partner enjoying hand feeding them a little too much which...