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  1. F

    Please Help!!! Guppy’s dying one by one and can’t identify illness

    Please Help! I’ve had my tank for about 2 months now. I started with plants and using fish food to cycle. Tank seems to me that it is fully cycled and has been for about 3 weeks as I was doing daily testings and steadily got 0ppm ammonia and nitrite readings, and my nitrates have always reading...
  2. J

    Should I put bloated guppy in an uncycled QT tank

    The last few days I’ve noticed my male guppy’s belly is very bloated. I know this could be dropsy or constipation but there isn’t really any way of telling. I don’t know if I should leave him in the main tank with his shoal and take the risk that it’s just constipation or move him to my second...
  3. JackieP

    Does my betta have dropsy??

    So I’ve posted a thread about this a week ago. I thought it was bloating or constipation and I fasted her for three days and started feeding her less and it just seems like it’s gotten worse. She used to swim around so much and now she just kinda floats near the top. I’m scared it’s dropsy but...
  4. JackieP

    Does my betta fish look bloated?

    I feel like I’ve seen her skinnier than this. I think she might be constipated but I’m not sure. I tested my water everything’s fine. I fasted her for a day but I see like no change. I feed her four pellets a day during the week and frozen blood worms on the weekend. Please help thanks.