bleeding heart tetra

  1. Ch0le

    Bleeding Heart Tetras

    Hello, everyone. I have a new 20 gal Tall aquarium with 6 bht and 4 Emerald corys. I started out with just the 3 tereas dor a few weeks. Then I added the corys ans 3 more bht. My question is about behaviour. Thw tetraas were all together and then they seemed to split into groups of 3 and just...
  2. Ch0le

    I want a centerpiece or a pair, any suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I have a 20 gal high and I need a little help. I currently have 6 Bleeding Heart Tetras and 4 Emerald Corys. I've been trying to figure out a pretty pair or a pretty centerpiece fish to complete my tank. I've read so many things about so many possibilities and now I'm completely...