black venezuelan cory

  1. Mizz_MayDK

    L181 pleco and Corydoras Venezuela Black

    I have bought 5 L181 pleco - naturally they are quarantined in a separate tank, but when they are ready to be moved out of quarantine I want to place them together with my Corydoras Venezuela Black. Is this a good combo? I don’t want to risk my corys lives or their fins being bitten of
  2. glasgowgirl_786

    How Many Cories In My 180 Litre Tank?

    I have a 180 litre tank and have 8 bronze cories and 1 black Venezuelan Cory in it (the others died). Feeling a bit guilty and sorry for the Venezuelan and was wanting to get a few more buddies for him but would that be too many for my tank? Have attached a pic of my tank. Currently have 2...