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black moor

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  1. B

    is my inherited black moor okay?

    I have a beautiful black moor that I love a lot named Sharkey (like a hammerhead shark!) who I recently inherited from my parents. My parents were fine keeping him (not sure his gender or age, would love to know!) in this tiny 3 gallon. I intervened and placed him in 20 gallon with a filter...
  2. W

    Pin holes and white spot on black moor

    I purchased a black moor 6 days ago from my local PetSmart to add to my oranda tank, but as I got home from the store I noticed many holes in her fins. I decided to quarantine her and treat with pimafix and melafix. After 6 days I have noticed no changes in the holes on her fins, and the other...
  3. argoma

    Something Is Wrong With Little Goldfish

    Hi,   my girlfriend's black moor, Sinead, has been acting a little weird about 4 days now. She first suspected that she had fungus due to a white fuzzy ball in the fish's torsal (?) fin, she used treatment for fungus and the fuzzy ball disappeared. Then when she was changing the water of the...