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  1. Thedoctor

    Fluval Vicenza 260 - £150 No Filter Or Heater.

    Fluval Vicenza 260 for Sale    Age and condition: Near perfect con Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale: Down sizing Collection only Sales price: £150 Location: Birmingham B26 All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be taken to PM...
  2. Thedoctor

    Washed Cat Litter (2 Bags Worth)

    Item - Tesco Dustless cat litter 'substrate' - Cleaned and Tank used. Quantity for sale: Two bags worth Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £3 Postage & Packaging: Not Any Location: (Also please put this in the Topic Descripton line of the thread title) Photograph:     Changing back...
  3. Thedoctor

    Red Tail Black Shark, Angel Fish, Adf.

    Livestock: Red Tail Black Shark - 4-5 Inch Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: I absolutely adore him. Had him since he was under an inch but I'm downgrading as I'm not home enough. Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £5 Postage and Packaging: Collection Only. Location: Birmingham...
  4. justin85

    2X Anubias Barteri For Quick Sale.

    2 x Anubias barteri £7 for 2, free delivery   Scientific Name: Anubias barteri  Common Name: Anubias coffefolia Difficulty: Very Easy CO2 Requirements: Very Low Lighting Requirements: Low Plant Arrangement: Midground Growth Rate: Very Slow Family: Araceae Genus: Anubias Origin: West Africa...