1. Flinkbag

    Green hair AND Blue Green algae in planted tank - please help!

    Hello all, I started this 30l long planted tank about 2 months ago. I have one male Betta and 3 Neons (yes i know you're supposed to have more, they will be moved soon) living in the tank. I left my tanks in the care of my mother over the weekend and unfortunately I think she left the lights on...
  2. David J

    A Few Issues - Co2, Ferts, Flow & Algae

    Hi I have a few issues and questions about my set up. My tank has been running for 2 years. Up until now it has not had Co2. It has always had live plants (swords, crypts, cabomba, anubias) and has bogwood and a few rocks with part sand part gravel substrate. Up until now I've been dosing...