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betta lethargic

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  1. Barry Tetra

    Urgent! Please help, Betta sitting on top of substrate

    My betta is in 1.5-2 gal tank soil and clay substrate. Water parameters are 0, 0, 10. Temp are 32c (90F shouldn’t be a problem since it’s Thai temp) No filter but 75% water change every 3 day He doesn’t eat and sitting on top of substrate @Colin_T @Deanasue @PheonixKingZ @LostBear @Crispii
  2. D

    How long will a betta suffer from temperature shock?

    I have read posts and websites until my eyes are crossed trying to figure out what is wrong with my betta. He has been a very active, happy boy until last week. I was out of town for 3 days and when I returned home, I discovered that someone in the house (no one will own it) unplugged his...