#betta fin rot

  1. lynhagan

    Fin rot or damaged/growing fin?

    I have a Betta fish whose fins look a bit raggedy. I thought he had fin rot before and dosed with Aquarium salt and bought but did not use meds. I'm new to this and had some problems with water hardness which now looks resolved. He eats and blows bubble nests. My parameters are nitrite 0...
  2. JackieP

    Nevermind lol

  3. JesskaSky

    Help! Is this fin rot? or fin nipping?

    Hi there! First post here, unfortunately has to be about my beloved betta ): I'm leaning more towards this being fin nipping so if that's the case what are some good tips on repairing? I have had two mollies in with my betta (both are now sitting in my fry saver till I can rehome) in my...
  4. K

    Fin rot help! Platy & Betta

    Here is the situation, I believe my teenage platy has fin rot as well as my daughters betta. I have a 36 gal tank & my daughter has a separate 5 gal betta tank. Her betta used to share his tank with another betta (with a divider) & came down with fin rot. We removed the other betta & got him...