betta (female) elephant Pet of the Month
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  1. R

    New Betta fish in bad condition

    I was at Petco earlier and stopped by the betta shelves and noticed one of them seemed especially sickly. Seeing her in such a sorry state tugged at my heartstrings a bit so I bought her in the hopes that I could help her or just give her a nice place to rest in her final days. I’m trying to...
  2. H

    Help Determining Sex of Betta

    Hi all, Recently purchased this betta. She is listed as a female, but I am not so sure. Would really appreciate any help with this.
  3. JackieP

    Bettas fin tear won’t heal and brown spots on fake plants

    Hello, so I have a betta fish and she has a tear on your fin and it’s been weeks and it won’t heal. I saw at the store they have API betta fix and I was wondering if I should try that. I think it’s just tea tree oil. Also, there’s brown spots all over my fake silk plants. Could it be something...