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  1. B

    Glofish swollen belly?

    Hi friends - I have a freshwater tank that’s been pretty stable for a while. We have four glofish and four tetras. A few weeks ago the blue glofish got a swollen belly (see pics). She was still peppy and energetic so I though maybe she had eggs? But it’s been this way for a few weeks at least...
  2. rianna21

    Big belly white mountain cloud minnow - chubby or pregnant?

    This is one of my white mountain cloud minnows. I got it along with 4 others about 2 months ago. Its been this chunky ever since I bought them, swims fine and seems to have no issues other than its big belly. Is it carrying unfertilised eggs or something? Here’s the link to a video I took of it...
  3. P

    Figure 8 Puffer Rounded Belly

    Hi fish experts! I have a concern on my Figure 8 puffer. Been having them for more than a year now in my brakish water setup tank. I have two of em, both seems cheerful and active. On normal occasion their belly will be obvious round-ish shape after their meal and on the next day their belly...