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  1. D

    Ballon/angle gold rams?

    I’ve been looking everywhere for golden balloon body rams, and I’ve only been able to find one around my entire western New York area and it’s not looking to healthy. Where else could I find these fish? I tried eBay and the only person who was selling is most likely taking them off due to...
  2. M

    Gold Rams

    I have two male golden ram and my mother got me 2 female rams. Now at the moment my two male rams are separated and I am wondering if i can introduce both males after I have introduced the two females into a tank were the one male is. Does any one know. Thanks
  3. J

    Don't Get Balloon Rams!

    I bought 2 ballon rams a few days ago and one died today and one yesterday i know for sure it's because there genetically enhanced to have the bigger body which messes there swim gland up because they just kept floating to the bottom! I have a lot of other fish in the tank which have been fine...
  4. G

    Is My Balloon Molly Pregnant?!?!

    These are some pictures of my new balloon molly.  Her stomach seems bigger than the others and her behavior also seems different.  I'm not really sure what a gravid spot is supposed to look like.  I was wondering if anyone can tell if she might be pregnant.
  5. M

    How Long After Treating Ich Can New Fish Be Added

    about a week and a half ago i notice my balloon molly had ich so i moved her into a quarntine tank and treated her and the main tank was fine none of the other fish got ich and i moved her back into the tank and she is fine now how long should i wait before adding new fish. it was not a very bad...
  6. J

    Is My Balloon Molly Pregnant? Urgent.

    Some people may not see this as an emergency but it is quite urgent, I have a female balloon molly, another different type of male molly and an angel fish all together in a tank, they've been getting on fine for the months they've been together but all of a sudden my female balloon molly has at...