bacteria balance

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  1. joeishere

    Should I "recycle" my tank?

    So I've been thinking about getting about a 3 gallon tank for some yellow cherry shrimp and some snails. My girlfriend already had a 3 gallon that she is willing to give me, that she has already cycled. But she hasn't touched it in awhile or fed the bacteria. So I was wondering should I...
  2. S

    In the middle of a cycle

    Hey guys! So I am brand new to all of this! I had some Betta fish when I was younger but honestly was too young to properly take care of them. Durning the quarantine, I decided to buy one. When I did, I set up the tank how most people would think it is okay to set up a Betta tank because this...
  3. CoryLover95

    Will Adding Another Filter Cartridge Mess Up The Bacteria Balance?

    Hi, I have a 37-gallon community tank as well as a10 gallon that I use for quarantine.  I'd like to put a 10 gallon size filter cartridge in the 37-gallon's filter (along with the cartridge for the 37-gallon filter) so I'll have a cycled filter media when I need it.  Will it mess up the bacteria...