background advice requested

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    Aquarium background question

    I have a 20 gallon high tank with a background on it. I have had it a long time and the background is starting to get bubbles in some areas..can't seem to get rid of them's good enough and not a major issue, but wanted to know if I could stick a new background on a piece of cardboard...
  2. P

    Stare at Background

    My fish (minnows) just stare at the background all day. Only move around during feeding time. Mostly they just stay in the back staring. Any suggestions or reason for this?
  3. I

    Backgrounds! Very Recent Newbie Needing More Advice!

    Hi everyone, I will be getting my first ever tropical FW tank in approx. 10 days! I have already received some fantastic advice from members so am hoping for a little bit more. What sort of background do you think looks best and most natural? I have looked around and quite like one that looks...