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  1. S

    Axolotl Bite

    Hi. We've had 2 axolotls in a 20gal long for 2 1/2 years. Today it looks like we got our first bite or bad scrape and am not sure what to do. I know they heal but should I take any action? Picture is attached
  2. R

    Axolotl ill

    So i've come back home after being away for 6 months and found my axolotl doesn't look to be in the best of health, I've been told the axolotl has looked that way for a while :( its floating , not eating, and just over all doesn't look good, i've noticed also that its gills are gone and that it...
  3. T

    Dead Axolotl

    Hello, My axolotl just died and I'm looking for answers as to why. Yesterday at about 3pm she looked okay, her gills were flared but her tail was straight. Sometimes she flips out after she poops (which she had just done) so I thought the stress sign was from that. Later at about 9pm her gills...
  4. C

    New axolotls

    Ive begun the cycling process on my 20 gal tank but im not 100% sure it'll be ready for my axolotls when they arrive in 2 days. They are 3" long each. Im wondering if itd be ok to keep them in a tupperware like container and change their waters every day until the big tank is ready. Ive seen...
  5. C

    Speed up cycle

    I have a 20 gal tank cycling for about a week and its still cloudy. I have two axolotls (3") that are supposed to be here Thursday and Im afraid it wont be ready for them. 1. Is there a way to speed up the cycling process? 2. Is it safe to keep axolotls in a tank while it finishes cycling?
  6. T

    No Filter, No Cycle?

    Hi, I am an eager future to be AXOLOTL owner. I have done some research about cycling, and I don't really want to buy the products. Do you have to cycle, if you clean the tank on a scheduled basis without a filter and if so, how long should the scheduled basis be? (eg. once a week or everyday?)...
  7. A

    reed fish turning into axolotl?? HELP PLEEEEASE

    Gouda morning everyone! so i bought 2 rope/reed fish (Erpetoichthys calabaricus) a couple of months ago. one is about 4 inch and the other is about 3. I have a 60 gallon with some tetras, gudgeon gobys, dwarf neons, sword tail, rainbow shark, and catfish. I keep up on water changes every week...
  8. IHaveADogToo

    Considering an axolotl

    I've been mulling over the idea of getting one or two axolotl for a while now. It's an idea I keep coming back to. So I think I'm going to give it a go. I know I need to cycle a tank for them first, and that's fine, affordable 10 gallon tanks are everywhere these days. But I have some questions...
  9. A

    Axolotl! Best Way To Care For Them?

    Hi guys! I just snagged an Axolotl from my friend who breeds them. So far, I have the little bud in a thirty gallon tank all alone. I don't have any substrate in it, and just some pebbles(large) and some glass cut "rock". I also have a large pot type decoration that my new buddy hides behind a...
  10. TallTree01

    Tt's Axolotl Adventure

    Hi guys, picked up a tank today for some axolotls! The dimensions are 36x14x18 inches and is 6mm glass. I've bought a 36 inch LED that is miles bright, will probably have to get some floating plants or something so the axolotls don't go blind :x The filter is an Aquaclear HOB rated for a tank...
  11. S

    Fishless Cycle - Nitrites Have Suddenly Gone Missing.. Help!

    Hi everyone,   I've joined this forum as I've completely hit a brick wall as to where I have went wrong with my fishless cycle.   At the start of the year I bought a fish tank as I wanted to get an axolotl. I read online about fishless cycles (as a complete beginner to fish keeping) and so I...