1. D

    Too many assassin snails

    Alright. My assassins bred like crazy even though I've been told they were slow breeders and it was unlikely to breed from just a random two since you can't Sex them. Where can I get rid of some?! I just moved the other adult into a different tank to stop the breeding.
  2. outofwater

    Snail question,

    Hi, so during setup of my 29 gallon I decided to add snails, and got 3. A nerite, a mystery, and an assassin. I'll come clean and admit I had no idea that the assassin honors its name, I just thought it looked cool. I'm glad he didn't starve, because I have no infestation and I suppose he was...
  3. thrujenseyes

    Hi, My Name Is Jen And I'm A Fishaholic

    Just saying hi and introducing myself.   My name is Jen and I just purchased a little fluval edge 6 gallon with a couple live plants and a nice piece of driftwood.   A cute little assassin snail must have stowed away in a plant because he's the sole inhabiter of my little aquarium.   I'm cycling...