1. CrazyDiamond88

    My New Aqua One Aquanano 40 - Trials And Errors!

    Well, this is going to be a huuuuge learning experience for me!  I've been fish-keeping for almost a whole month now xD   My AquaNano 40 arrived today. It was a display tank in a shop - but it never housed anything, it was just a 'dry' display.   I took my chances buying the display without...
  2. Alexarium

    Aquanano 40 Stocking

    Hello!   As you can see in my introductory thread (this post), I have an AquaNano 40 and I am currently at the beginning of its fishless cycle.   As I like to plan things ahead, I am trying to sort out a planting and stocking plan. The tank will definitely be planted. I am using Floral-Base as...