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  1. B

    Molly’s sitting upside down at bottom of tank please help!!

    I have a 25 gallon fish tank, In the last 3 day I’ve lost 11 out of 13 fish ( 2 angles 6 tetras 2 mollies and 1 telescope eyed goldfish) the only survivors were two other balloon belly Molly’s. The fish all did the same thing, go to the bottom of the tank lay upside down or on there side then...
  2. BerryAttack

    Jack Dempsey And Angelfish?

    Just want some people's point of view on the subject. I have a pair of angel fish and the male is going to pass away any day now, swim bladder issues. I've had a pair of angelfish before and i noticed that if one dies the other one will. right now i'm leaving the tank dark, and has a towel to...