air bubbles

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  1. V

    How long should I leave on the air pump?

    I don't want it on 24/7 as it creates quite a lot of noise. I wrapped a towel around it to make it quieter, but the noise is noticeable. Every few minutes it turns itself off for a few seconds before coming back on.
  2. F

    strange bubbles on water

    something is on top of the water in my fish tank and even though i have a bubbler in the tank my fish has to come to the top to breath i have a filter and i made sure the bubbler is the right size for the tank and i tried removing the stuff but it keeps coming back one more thing to note is...
  3. K

    Air stone, wave maker or skimmer

    Hi guys - I have a tetra 54ltr tank and a 30ltr biorb. Both fully cycled and have fish in. The rectangular tank doesn’t seem to have a great amount of surface agitation and I have noticed a small amount of scum on the top-should I get a power head of some sort or wave maker or skimmer? Any help...
  4. Fluval-1200

    Blanking Off The Small Tube In Fluval Fx5 Lid, Cheap Simple And Quick

    Awhile ago I had the mist of air bubbles constantly coming out of my fluval fx5. Read info on what it is and came up with the result that the small tube in the lid some-how creates bubbles? (not a clue) The new fx6 doesn't have this small tube and if you ask nicely fluval will send you a new lid...