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  1. J

    Molly Fish: After Male Inserts Sperm, How Long Until Black Pregnancy D

    Hi, I am Joseph... I was just wondering how long after sperm was inserted into the female, does the female show that she is pregnant or in other words the "black dot" appears in front of her "anal fin?"
  2. D

    Platy Still Looks Pregnant

    My Mickey Mouse platy still looks pregnant after giving birth 2 days ago. I don't know how many she had but I've seen 3 so far that we're hiding. Do you think she will drop again within the next couple of days?
  3. David J

    Wood & Plants - Before, During Or After Fish Less Cycle?

    Hi Today I put sand in the base of my new tank attached the filter and heater and filled it with dechlorinated water. I am now leaving it to let the sand settle. I have 2 pieces of bogwood that I bought today and they are soaking in a bucket. I am waiting on a test kit which should arrive in...