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  1. SarahMarie

    New tank mates!

    Hi all, I've recently got back into fish keeping after a couple of years. I've recently upgraded to a 240 litre cycled tank, which currently houses 3 angel fish and 10 tetras. I was thinking of getting more fish for the tank and was considering a shoal of corydoras. However I was wondering...
  2. vinny007

    Rio 240 Aquarium And Cabinet In Beech

    Juwel Rio 240 Aquarium and cabinet and stand in Beech fitted with the original T8 lighting 300W heater plant ornament couple of pieces of ocean rock removable blue background Dimensions: Aquarium size: 121 x 41 x 55cm / 47.6" x 16.1" x 21.7" (L x D x H) Cabinet size: 121 x 41 x 73cm / 47.6" x...