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    Keyhole cichlid bloated

    No changes at all
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    Keyhole cichlid bloated

    I was away for 2 days and fed my fish before I left and then didn’t leave any long-life food because my fish are in a heavily planted tank and could do with a “starve day”. Came home and all my fish were fine apart from my keyhole cichlid who is now very bloated and lethargic - they can’t be...
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    Female betta fins nipped

    What is nipping my female bettas fins? My betta lives in a planted tank with no sharp objects that she could cut her fins on. She is in a community tanks with: - 2x female 1x male gardners killifish - cardinal tetras - glowlight tetras - 1x small shy bristlenose pleco - sterbai corydoras -...
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    My water is blue/green

    I’ve not added anything to the tank and I have also been doing water changes which on the day of the water change seem to help in the sense that they dilute the colour but it just comes back. I’ve given you pictures of the water in a small coffee mug and the tank but because I have a black...
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    My water is blue/green

    I have a heavily planted tank with primarily anubias on wood, Java fern on wood and jungle val. My water is a blue/green colour. It’s definitely not algae on the side as when I put the water in a separate container the colour is still there. All parameters are fine. Any ideas what this is? How...
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    Anubias Java fern on wood

    @Aqua67 So two of my anubias have flowered in my other tanks (which I was very excited about!! lol) and my Java ferns are growing so many baby Java ferns that I have to pick some off to not overrun the tank, however the plants in the tank I mentioned are not doing well at all. Cannot understand...
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    Anubias Java fern on wood

    I have 3 tanks all of which have Java fern and anubias growing on wood and/or lava rock. All three tanks have the same lighting. In one of my tanks the anubias and Java fern is not growing well on the wood and is rotting/dying. These plants came from the same supplier that some of my plants in...
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    Request for feedback on proposed stocking

    I love this idea however I think you might be trying to do two tanks in one. So tank 1 could be tetras, apistos, sterabi, dicrossus and 1 pleco will work and then outside of what you've suggested you could then also add gouramis, other dwarf cichlids such as rams, cockatoos etc. tank 2 could...
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    Betta and Cichlid

    So I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is no, however I am interested to know if anyone has ever had an "anomaly" situation (although I think it is very unlikely). I have a 400L freshwater tropical plated tank which for the last 1-1.5 years I have had adult angelfish, diamond tetras and...
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    Seiryu stone or similar

    Hi guys, I’m not new to the hobby but I am new to seiryu stone. I live in the UK and am wondering if anyone has suggestions of where to buy seiryu online in the UK? Also interested to know of any other suggestions of rocks which could look nice in this kind of set up but on a slightly larger...
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    Biorb help

    I have just started setting up a biorb classic tank that I used to use but decommissioned. I have 3 other well running tanks but I have put my filter in and now can’t get the bottom bit of it out. I can’t take the top tube bit off but can’t get the bottom bit out can anyone advise?
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    Is this overstocked? + Centerpiece Fish Question

    Gouramis are prone to disease and dwarf gouramis are susceptible to “dwarf gourami disease” so although they are great fish to have they can cause heartache for diseases that cannot be cured. Have you thought about dwarf cichlids? Rams, apistogramma, cockatoo etc. they are wonderful colourful...
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    What breed are my angelfish?

    3 of my Angelfish are juveniles maybe 4-5 months old and they have a colouring I’ve not seen before with a blue hue to them. Then my third juvenile is also black and silver with a blue hue to its whisker fins but with a red eye. Can anyone tell me what species or maybe mixed-breed they are? My...
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    Angelfish pairs / territorial / aggression

    I ab I absolutely LOVE the juveniles but they can become right little pricks when they start to grow up (a bit like when children become teenagers 😂) so I’m hoping that they just get over themselves and sort it out. I don’t want them to breed but if they do I have enough other fish who will eat...
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    Angelfish pairs / territorial / aggression

    I think I do have an aggressive female (looking at the breeding tubes) who seems to be protective of her male and fighting off the other large male 🤷‍♀️ I’m hopefully that they’ll all pair although I know this is probably optimistic. Otherwise I do have 2 other tanks to move them to if needed...