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    Some of my tanks

    That's cool. I've never seen a tank dedicated to ghost shrimp before--what a cool idea. For the 5g you're pretty limited. It would make a great shrimp tank. Other than that, you could get a betta--check out some of the non-spendens species if you want something different. A school of...
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    Betta fish aren’t starter pets ?

    Welcome! Some questions. How big is your tank? Is it cycled? (If you don't know about cycling yet, the answer is probably no. :)) What sort of filter do you have? Am I correct in assuming your plants are artificial? Do you know the hardness/pH of your water? What sort of water...
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    Leaking Tank

    I have a friend who kept a ton of fish in large, plastic storage bins, with cycled filters and plants, for several months during a crisis. Both the fish and the plants increased in numbers during their stay in the fish hotel. So, I've never done that, but I know it can work. Do you know how...
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    And this is why I love rain!

    It's a visual depiction of my energy level about 2:00 every Thursday afternoon.
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    I'm leaving this forum.

    Well, at least I know it wasn't me. I'm old and an avid hunter. :lol:
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    So, what do you look like in 2021?

    Well, that's one way to settle disputes with the Mrs... Your kids look like no one to be trifled with.
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    Betta in community tank

    Sounds like you're addressing the hardness issues. As for the social issues, some bettas are OK in a community tank, and some aren't. My completely non-scientific observation is that they don't live quite as long in a community tank, which might be due to social stress. Sometimes they flip...
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    Well, that's good to hear, because all of mine are going to be in 6" (15 cm) of water! Speaking of which, the tank build was a success, despite my best efforts to screw it up. I filled it for 48 hours, and there was no sign of any leakage. It is now drained and drying out. I tried out the...
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    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't know much about UK fish, but I agree that European and American cold water fish don't get their due. They are challenging, though, because most of them get too big to be practical for aquariums. Also, chillers are more expensive than heaters. I really think those are the big reasons...
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    New Micro Tank! (13 L Tank) Where Do I Start?

    If you put soil under your sand, you won't need ferts for a very long time.
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    So, what do you look like in 2021?

    There's this new invention that might help. It's called "The Hat."
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    Badger's Sumatran Rice Paddy

    How deep was your water? I'm hoping mine will grow, but if it doesn't there are some local sedges that I think will work.
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    So, what do you look like in 2021?

    You remind me of a Norse demigod I once knew...
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    Starting fresh.

    Congratulations on the new tank. It's going to be a really beautiful setup. That overflow scenario has probably kept a lot of us up at night. Just out of curiosity: Do you vanish cows? That would be ever so clever.
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    So, what do you look like in 2021?

    Cool glasses.