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    Nano Bonsai Tank

    Been awhile since I've been able to get on here, been very busy with moving to a new house but the fish tanks have survived the move and doing well. Picked up a betta for the tank as well now so seemed a good time to update. Have added some anubias and bucha and the monte carlo has filled...
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    Nano Bonsai Tank

    Little update, you will all be glad to see its been moved from off the washing machine and looking from my last post, not a bad bit of growth! I have noticed what may be some hair algae, there's a couple snails in here but maybe I may need to bring in some shrimp. Cut light down to 6 hours a...
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    Vote Now! - November 2020 Pet of the Month contest

    This is Oscar, a British blue lilac and he is just over one year old. He is a very affectionate cat, on his own terms. During the day he likes to sit across keyboards and meow to be played with, every now and then he likes to have a little stroke but then it's straight back to playing with a...
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    5 ft Malawi Tank -

    Tank looks great, really like the rescape!
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    Ask Questions About Cycling

    Yea they were very high, did a 75% water change, and was still getting massive readings so did a 90%WC and now clearing 0 ammonia and 0 nitrite within 48 hours of 2ppm doage so getting close now at least.
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    Was it just me......

    I felt a little bit lost, glad it's back up and running!
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    Guppy Fin Issues

    Afternoon all Looking for some advice on my two guppies with two different issues with their fins. I lost a guppy about 10 days, I treated the tank for internal bacteria as my gourami was showing symptoms and one guppy wasn't acting right, unfortunately, one guppy didn't make it and I finished...
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    Superfish QubiQ 30 set up?

    Ok, it definitely goes into a corner as I have set one up before, I don't remember any issues with the filter I just turned it on and it ran I think. Is it fully submerged when you're turning it on?
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    Superfish QubiQ 30 set up?

    Just goes into a corner doesn't it?
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    Online fish stores

    I've got shrimp off of ebay, perfectly packaged and reasonable prices for livestock and postage. I browse tropco a lot, but if there's something in particular i am looking for id use eBay just to search multiple suppliers at a time.
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    Nano Bonsai Tank

    Tree is re planted, it's 2 and a half pots of Java moss. Planted another pot of monte carlo and going to try run the low tech co2 can and hope there's no algae outbreak.
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    5 ft Malawi Tank -

    That was a pleasure to read, I felt like I was the third person helping you unload the tank lol. Tanks looking great, look forward to more updates.