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    EMERGENCY: Fish on floor of tank, gasping for breath

    Most items have been covered by other members but I am wondering how you control the flow from a AquaClear 30 in this situation, is this what you mean by baffled. My experience with an AC 30 and a 10 gallon tank was the betta could not maintain their position well even at the lowest setting...
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    Help with substrate

    I second @Slaphppy7 comment. If the material was already used throw it out, its not like gravel or sand that can be cleaned and sterilized. But if it is still new it does make the plants grow real nice for a year or two.
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    Help with substrate

    The black substrate is aquarium soil. 1. This stuff is delicate you cannot pre rinse or wash it otherwise you will just get a muddy mess as you break down the structure. 2. You have to place it in the tank delicately then fill the tank slowly with water as to not to disturb the water. You...
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    I think I have my filter intake and return pipes on the wrong way around

    That depends on how you want to control the flow of water in your tank. I use a Fluval 407 on one of my tanks I have the intake on one side and the outlet on the other so that the filtered water passes by the entire tank. I also slope the substrate down towards the intake side to give me an...
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    I think I have my filter intake and return pipes on the wrong way around

    It would be helpful if we know what kind of filter you have. Likely it will make a difference because the intake will have some sort of sieve to keep the fish from entering the filter.
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    Mayhaps I need a humidifier in my apartment?

    I think we might be overthinking this a bit. If you are finding the air dry uncomfortable than for you a humidifier would be appropriate. I wouldn't add a humidifier for the fish tank alone. Your fish tank is not very large and will not be adding any more moisture to the air than cooking in...
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    growth on betta

    Sorry I don't know what it is. If you look around this site others have had growths on their bettas, but not much success determining the cause. I had bettas, a year or two ago, and my favorite got a white grow on his tail fin, that I could not identify. Eventually I assumed it was a type of...
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    Mayhaps I need a humidifier in my apartment?

    A humidifier might help with a lot of your dry air issues but raising the humidity can cause issues as well such as door frames swelling, and increased mold spores where the humidity is normally higher. Rather than humidify the air, you could arrange the tank so that the drop over a week...
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    What would you do then in 48 or 72 hours? Slow growing can be a benefit. Faster growing plants need more maintenance to keep them in check.
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    I have used both medicine and heat for ich, neither are ideal. Don't end the treatment too soon otherwise it will come back. The problem with Ich and medicine is that the parasite is only sensitive to the medicine during a very short time within the 3 day to a week or more reproductive cycle...
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    Beautiful mutt guppies

    Small photo containers, never considered something like that. Thanks.
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    Beautiful mutt guppies

    Curious, how do photograph your fish? Your pictures are generally quite clear and good.
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    Job ideas

    Have you considered working as an online researcher. I really don't know much about it but came across a site a few days ago. I cannot vouch for the group or company.
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    Possible Conditions Favoring Cyanobacteria Growth

    So been thinking on this for a bit. Possibly one issue we have is how we measure nutrients in an aquarium. In general high nitrates is often considered an indicator for general nutrient load in the tank. Is there something better. I also found a PO4 test kit and ran a full round of tests on...
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