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    What Shrimp Is This?

    Black striping and bulky claw legs (compared to normal ghost shrimp) makes me think Macrobrachium lanchesteri- may eat other shrimp but generally not aggressive enough to take out healthy fish.
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    Hitchhikers In Freshwater Tanks & Ponds

    They're coming for you. The insects are coming for you. Run. Drop everything you're doing and run. You don't have enough time to pack, just run if you want to survive.
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    Killer Shrimp

    Unfortunately, 'ghost shrimp' is used for quite a lot of species, some of which are not even able to live in freshwater. You might have gotten a species that will actively predate. :( I have ghost shrimp (Palaemonetes paludosus, I think) and they get along fine with the others except for being...
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    Cherry Shrimp

    Cherry shrimp are capable of living in a mildly saline environment should they be acclimated to it slowly. The thing is that aquarium salt (overpriced table salt) is useless for treating disease. You'd be much better off using an actual medication. Unfortunately, most of these will kill shrimp...
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    Omg! Shrimp Sex!

    Male cherrys get a bit rough. I've seen a female lose legs before. :rolleyes:
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    Snow<What Snow?

    I'm sorry, I think I may have stolen your snow. We received quite a lot a few days ago (2ft). I was snowed in. D:
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    Glo Frogs

    This species is native to Africa. I doubt they can breed with any frog native to the US. Also, should they somehow manage to breed, the offspring would be at a severe disadvantage due to their color. They wouldn't survive to pass it on, but the normal frogs would. The things are bright pink. I...
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    Glo Frogs

    I know, I was just commenting on the absurdity of the 'GM = Cruelty' statement. :P
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    Glo Frogs

    If they're just GM, I don't see what the issue is unless the modified genes give them a higher likelihood of illness or something. :huh:
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    My Awful Invert Aquarium

    Nope. Not going to be any for a long time either, as I don't have a camera.
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    Upside Down Fish Tank

    Not true; The top is sealed. Have you ever filled a straw with water and lifted it up while covering the top? The water stays in the straw until the bottom breaks the surface or the top is uncovered.
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    Blurry Pics Of My Dwarf Puffer

    I was referencing a Dungeons and Dragons monster called a displacer beast. It always looks like it's a few feet away from where it really is. :nerd: My inverts are fine, except for when both fan shrimp jumped ship a while back. Haven't posted much since my camera broke.
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    Blurry Pics Of My Dwarf Puffer

    Displacer puffer? :shifty: if you got that joke you are a geek
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    Watching The Babies Grow Up...Bettas And Damselfly

    You are far too lucky. I can just imagine it not finding the fruit flies palatable, and you end up with a little swarm living in your room. :lol:
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    Can This Be Added Too

    Press the 'home' key. Problem solved.