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    Come follow my experience with COVID

    I'm not vaccinated and dont wear masks, already had it. Felt like death for 3 days and then was fine. In comparison to other flues and colds I'd say its not bad.
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    Community College Enrolment is like getting teeth pulled

    Yes I know...long time no see on Old Doc. BUT while I wait for my waiver for the Marines to go through I'm going to go to community college. Only one problem....trying to enroll is worse that having a root canal (I've had one). They make it inordinately difficult to contact them, and then send...
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    My trip to VA

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    Someone is stealing my mail

    You can get some deer cameras and set them up. They activate via motion so when the person walks up to the mail box, boom caught.
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    The Cultural Differences of.......Biscuits

    No!!! THIS is a scone
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    The Cultural Differences of.......Biscuits

    Anything else is unacceptable. Yes I am talking to you Brits
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    Hi :-)

    Hi! Welcome to The Fish Forum! I'm Erin! Good to meet you!
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    How many times were you on today?

    I keep a tab open on my school laptop at all times lol. I am a fiend
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    Fish that should not be sold.

    They are going extinct in the wild...
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    Plant indetification???

    The second one looks like anubias OR cardianal plant.
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    Fish that should not be sold.

    Asian Arowana. They are an endagered species in the wild and they are illegal all over the place. They always seem to be in too small tanks and they look miserable. Plus there is a whole subculture around them that is creepy as hell. Some old woman was beat and her fish stolen. So just...
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    Shackleton's Endurance Found

    Thank you for sharing! I was thinking about this story recently and then boom! your post popped up on my feed
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    I quit my job...

    My only consolation is Cumberland County is pretty rural with some suburban kinda looking areas. So its better than Dauphin county or York city.
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    Word Association Game