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    Micropoecilia picta...

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    I think I’m getting another dog

    This sweet little boy is named Odie. He’s 4ish months old and we don’t really know what breed he is but he’s cute. We’ve been thinking about getting another puppy to play with our dog. My parents want a breeder dog but then I found this dog on and i think he is the perfect dog for...
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    the guppy in your profile pic. are those fries in her belly???

    the guppy in your profile pic. are those fries in her belly???
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    i finally re did Marvel's tank!!

    thank you! lucky for me, i have ADHD, so my parents are a bit less hard on me than they are on my sisters. i shouldn't use ADHD as an excuse to not do things, but if it works then you might as well.
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    Saying hello

    hello! hopefully your new tank goes good! :hi::fish:
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    Stocking ideas

    maybe do like 10-15 diamond tetras, and then like 10ish cories
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    Stocking ideas

    cory ganggggg
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    Fish dying

    im glad that it's only a quarantine tank, but he still might have died from stress. how many guppies are there exactly?
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    i finally re did Marvel's tank!!

    Haha. I also have an obsession for sharks and for a while I looked at videos of sharks, but then it also turned to an obsession for fish in general and now i'm broke! :)
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    i finally re did Marvel's tank!!

    Okay so basically my betta Marvel has being living in a childish, fake tank for the past 7-8 months. I've been wanting to re do his tank since November 2020, but... 1. I'm broke (I'm 12). 2. My parents didn't let me (because i'm "sassy and difficult"). 3. My parents don't understand the need...
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    Hi! I'm Chimaera, and I bought demon shrimp

    Welcome to the forum!! I too want a reticulated stingray someday, but i don’t think it would do too good in a 20 gallon tank. 😂
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    Demon shrimp and endlers

    They won’t eat your endlers if they are active. I’ve never heard about demon shrimp before 😂
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    3 week old platy fry!

    Thank you!!
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    3 week old platy fry!

    The platy fry are doing good. Originally i had them in a separate tank necause i didn’t want them to be eaten, but then my annoying little sister said they wanted to be with their parents and dumped them back in the big tank. Luckily, none were eaten (that i know of). All 22 are doing great!
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    What was your first fish

    Me and my sisters had a lot of goldfish and stuff growing up, but my first fish that was MINE, was a betta named Bob. Bob inspired me to keep fish, because after he died i realized how bad i took care of him. Then i got my 10g, then a 5g with betta, then i sold 10g to my cousin and got 20g L...