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    30 Gallon Tank, Fish Needed...but What Fish?

    Oh alright. Yeah you should be fine in my opinion! You could even add more if you wanted to. I would take out the pleco though, they can get to be about 12inches in time...try substituting with a different bottom feeder (well, it depends on what species of pleco really). I do think it's a bit...
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    30 Gallon Tank, Fish Needed...but What Fish?

    Let me just get the main points out with out getting too complicated here. Well... First of all, are you planning on keeping the goldfish? If so, you definitely will not be able to keep any other fish in there along with them. Two reasons: 1.) Tetras, corys, and a pleco are all tropical...
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    Dying Of Old Age?

    Okay... I just boiled some peas, deshelled them, and cut them up into smaller pieces. :) I put them in her tank and she didn't really see them. Oh and while I was doing this she was sorta swimming around, but i can tell something is up with her swim bladder. Atm she is "smelling around" so...
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    Dying Of Old Age?

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking too, swim bladder. Okay, I'll cook up some peas and see if she touches them. She still seems rather strong, but week at the same time. If that makes ANY sense haha Yes I do use water conditioner, i use "Stress Coat"... and yes gravel vac, but every month a 100%...
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    Dying Of Old Age?

    Oh I totally know it's such a bad idea not having kits on hand. My family thinks I'm crazy trying to go the extra miles for all the science behind fish life. My mother's response? = "Honey, I kept a single goldfish in a bowl for many many years, and even traveled across the country with it."...
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    Dying Of Old Age?

    Ah, all i have is an ammonia tester. Not very helpful eh? The tank was just cleaned the other day, if i may add Oh and it was also just fed this morning and my mother and brother claim it was completely fine until about two hours ago. I only have olive oil. What would I do with it if i acquired...
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    Dying Of Old Age?

    Hey guys, My little 12 year old brother has kept this Black Skirt tetra for about four years now, alone :blink: . It survived fine without other's around her. Anyways, she got bigger and bigger throughout the years and reminded very healthy and wonderfully active. Today, I walked by and saw...
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    Tail Types?

    Well, I'm not quite sure. But i do see a forms of fin damage there bud.. :blink:
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    Meet The Members

    Forum Name: Sunpirate2u Real Name: Andria Vita Location: Phoenix, Arizona US Number of Years in Hobby: 5 years Fishkeeping Profile: 10g with 2 male guppies 4 female guppies, 20 and 30 gallon communities Favourite fish species: Guppies, bettas, Gouramis, apple snails..ect Favourite...
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    My Photo Editing Hobby

    thank you!! :D
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    My Photo Editing Hobby

    Hey guys! I'm 15 and I love to edit photos in my spare time... I get TONS of praise from my family and friends but im not competely convinced that im that great. lol I really try to set emotion in to each picture and i try to be as mature as i can. Here is my little portfolio: Friend...
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    Rogues Gallery

    Yeah yeah this is me! It's the best photograph of me right now. It was taken last week. I took it plus did the photo editing. What do you think? (guess how old i am! :P )
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    Sick Guppy...?

    hey guys..i recently got a few amazing guppies (2 males 4 females) but one of the younger females seems to be ill.... :/ she is anti-social..i noticed that the first few days i had her. But now she is lingering around the filter riding in the current like some sick guppy from Petco :sick: or...
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    How Old Is Too Old To Mate..?

    Here is that picture! I'll try to get another one once my camera is charged. But i think he actually isn't too old..what do you think? He is really big, but you can't really tell