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    My Medium Tank

    lol theyr all babies! some are just 5mm some are about 15mm!
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    My Medium Tank

    This one is 2 1/2' long and holds 16 gallons, theres about 150+ guppys in there lol
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    My Big Tank

    Hi Ken, not sure which species either :P Will try and get another pic later on :thumbs:
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    Great fish Bud! very chunky B) :D
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    My Big Tank

    tbh, I dont know if they are or not :X
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    My Medium Tank

    lol I know what u mean, tried takin a pic of one of the males, ...ughhh took about 100 pics and none of them where any good! lol :lol: :P
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    My Small Tank

    Indeed it is, this is only temporary :thumbs:
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    Apple Snail

    kool, looks like an oldie, how big is he? :)
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    half tank picture....

    Super tank m8! B)
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    Post ur Workstation

    Hey Cstratton7, u've got the same tower case as me! :P B) B)
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    Post ur Workstation

    heh heh no fair, Mike's comes complete with beer mug......gotta get me one of them!! :P :lol: Carnt wait to see urs Betta ;)
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    My Small Tank

    Hes floating in mid-air... :blink: :lol: :lol: