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    Digital thermometer

    I'm just going with that. And I'll have a regular thermometer in there as well. Between the two, I should be able to get an accurate read.
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    Digital thermometer

    Can anyone recommend a good accurate digital thermometer that won't stop working in a month?
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    Cloudy green water

    You might be surprised at how well those changes work. I was starting to develope some algae. All it took was reducing the amount of light by one hour to rein it in.
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    Hi please help

    There a few steps you should take when you add rocks you find outside to a tank. First is to make sure the rock is safe for an aquarium. Sprinkle a little vinegar on it and see if it fizzles or foams. You can also test the water after adding them. You want to make sure they won't crumble or...
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    Best snail control

    I'm thinking about adding MTS to my new tank. I was also thinking of adding a couple of assassin snails as population control for them (besides not overfeeding and controlling algae).
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    Hi please help

    Where did you get the rocks?
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    Disinfecting driftwood

    I'm not as concerned about tannins as I am about pathogens.
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    Disinfecting driftwood

    It's a piece of spider wood that I got at a pet store.
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    Disinfecting driftwood

    I got my first piece of driftwood. I read on the forum that boiling the wood can cause the wood fibers to break down. If I use chemicals, they could be absorbed by the wood and leach out later. So what's a good way to disinfect driftwood?
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    Will fish survive the construction next door?

    On a side note, you shouldn't yell "Hey Kool-Aid!" near the fish tank either.
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    Best snail control

    how big is your tank and how many assassin snails do you have?
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    Fish ID please

    That is like a perfect fish mugshot.
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    Almost cycled, ammonia won’t go down

    Maybe you could call the water company.
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    Fish Food

    I feed New Life Spectrum Optimum Flakes and Fluval Bug Bites. Those are the best quality ingredients I can find.
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    Filter media

    Seems like a good way to accelerate cycling the tank.