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    Pufferfish a good beginners fish?

    i reccomend any fish or shrimp you keep, at first keep it in a species-only tank
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    photo? what are the proportions l/w/h?
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    How much to feed bristlenose

    yeah i second with the veggies try boiled mushy broccoli my fish seem to love that
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    Adventures in Betta Mahachaiensis

    cool! will the babies be able to live with their parent? i never knew that some bettas can peacefully breed!
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    Surface movement/bubblers and a Veil tail Angel

    videos? i've read they like slow moving streams
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    Introducing Wink’s new parakeet friend! Name suggestions?

    manzanita looks nice you can sand it down to have driftwood in your tank or in the bird place
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    is 15g too big even if its shallow? yeah everything is so much easier with a bigger tank
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    If you could go back & forwards in time. . .

    this is insignificant compared to you guy's stuff, but i would like to go back a year to when i started keeping fish to avoid all the stupid mistakes i did to not kill off all my fish
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    Guppies and Betta

    assuming the betta wont hurt anything, 1. the guppies are just scared of his size and will always keep distance from him. my guppies also keep their distance by like a few cm when near the massive pearl gouramis or swordtails 2. it may be that the fishes are stressed, it's never good to add...
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    Corydora covered in red splotches

    i reccomend you do that this looks like some irritation or maybe red splotch disease picture of the whole tank to see if theres any sharp deco? water parameters? added any chemichals to water?
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    3 Compartment Sump Setup

    hmm i got some duckweed pieces in filter foam, no matter how much i blast it its stuck in there
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    Free to collect

    just make sure that the person you give it to knows the care requirements...
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    Free Pacu

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    3 Compartment Sump Setup

    yeah filter foam gets stuff stuck in there really easily super hard to remove
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    What fish?

    tbh i feel it is a misspelling of sae all the letters are super close to each other