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    Woo Hoo, I got somewhere to live

    Sorry to hear that Colin. Do get your booster when you can though. It doesn't stop Omicron but it still gives massive protection against its effects. The stats here in the UK are that most people who end up in hospital are unvaccinated, and of those that have been, most have only had two shots...
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    Gourami is not doing so good & bushynose pleco died! help wanted!

    Agreed - salt doesn't cure dropsy but it can sometimes appear to ease the symptoms. When fish become sick they lose their ability to regulate their absorbsion of water through the process of osmosis and as a rest they swell up - the classic symptoms of dropsy, but also possible a possible...
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    Gourami is not doing so good & bushynose pleco died! help wanted!

    Aquarium salt is pure sodium chloride, whereas regular table salt will contain an anti caking agent to ensure that it pours evenly. Aquarium salt which is used as a freshwater remedy is also not the same as marine aquarium salt which is used by marine keepers to recreate sea water. The latter...
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    danios aren't eating and swimming frantically

    20g does mean 20 gallons. However, tanks can be shorter and deeper or longer and shallower but hold the same quantity of water. As exact dimensions aren't standard these tend to be expressed as 'long' for the shallower type and 'short' for the deeper type. For small active fish such as zebras...
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    Foreign Money

    I work in a foreign exchange bureau so get to see loads of weird notes and coins! People sometimes come in with stacks of notes that they have found during a clear out and it's fun trying to work out where they're from. Some we can exchange, but not the really old ones. We have a charity box for...
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    Auto feeder

    Yeah, don't use those pyramid blocks! I too use the Ehiem and it works well. I had a really old one and it was rubbish so I tried various other makes before I realised that the Ehiem one had been updated, so I bought one and it's great I totally agree that fish can survive without food for...
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    Plants turning black - Help!!

    It can be hard to work out what you are lacking or what you have an excess of because we can't test for every nutrient. I have had similar issues to yours which I eventually put down to high nitrate, something you can easily test for. I find that many plants grow poorly if nitrate is above...
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    danios aren't eating and swimming frantically

    Just realised, I don't know how big the main tank is but you imply that it's bigger than the one in the picture. If there are no signs of disease you don't need to isolate those two just because they aren't eating as well as the others. It's quite normal when fish have been stressed by a move so...
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    danios aren't eating and swimming frantically

    Agreed. 20 gallons is absolute minimum for giant danio's and your current 'tank' is like trying to keep them in a puddle. I suggest you take them back to the shop if you can't rehouse them in a proper aquarium with a filter right away. Your current arrangement will never cycle, particularly...
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    Is this a Malaysian trumpet snail

    Indeed. I once had an infested tank. Tried everything including removing 50 a day but still made no impression after a month. Eventually I added some Botia loaches (not specifically to eat the snails) and over the course of several months they ate all the snails. I didn't actually see them for...
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    danios aren't eating and swimming frantically

    How big is that tank? Hopefully just the pictures but it looks tiny.
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    Plant problems

    Check the nitrate level of your source water too. Plants grow well in my tank and keep nitrate very low, often zero, despite my tap water being at 35ppm. Although nitrate is an essential nutrient, I have found that once it gets to higher levels, plant growth is stunted. This in turn leaves...
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    I once rented a villa in Hawaii which had a 100 gallon cichlid tank in it. I guess most guests wouldn't have bothered by I was interested to look at the filtration system and when I did I also discovered some youngsters in the sump. I assumed they wouldn't survive if I left them there and the...
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    What fish is this?

    Actually could also be Apistogramma macmasteri It's clearly a gold variety of an Apistogramma species. I'm not an expert on these but have seen them from time to time.
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    What fish is this?

    Apistogramma viejita 'Gold