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    My Freshwater Eel

    Right you are =)   Its called a Rice Paddy Eel (Monopretus albus). It is a nocturnal fish that feeds on crustaceans, and other invertebrates in rice fields and canals.  What makes it interesting to keep is that it is wild caught =)   And now he's 30 days old in my tank, and still alive and...
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    My Freshwater Eel

    Just sharing my Freshwater Eel      
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    My Paddlefish

    Thanks! I wish I can get more photos of her in my pond
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    Debate Section

    Yeah. Sometimes its funny when even the new and learning hobbyists  would join the gang up by quoting old wives tale from their fish dealers or what they have read from wikipedia and stating their thoughts as if they have actually experienced them. And oh.. they'll swarm you...    If we are to...
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    Debate Section

      Well said.. I remember being ganged up on in another site when I said something that contradicted the experience of a popular betta exporter. It wasn't even a debate thread yet
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    Can I Put Newborns With My Other Fry?

    I wouldn't dare...   Anyway, just to share... do you know that a small Neon Tetra actually eats guppy fries? And she can actually gulp more than 10 in a minute? Trust me. I know this by heart as I have seen this with my own eyes... As to your dwarf loach...I wouldn't trust history just yet.   ...
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    My Characin & Cyprinid Team

    In my country, its commercial name is China Hi-fin
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    My Paddlefish

    Yup she';s in a big pond now... and she is camera shy.. After 6 months, she has grown to about 9 inches now (guesstimate). She seems healthy and happy but to this date, I haven't seen her eat anything... 
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    January 2014 - Fish Of The Month Entries

    my entry... My Gold Tetra      Verification  
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    My New Amazon Aquarium

    haven't been here for a long time... thanks for the kind words guys.
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    June 2013 - Fotm Banter

    She's a paddle fish. Ain't she lovely?
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    June 2013 - Fish Of The Month Competition Entries

    My entry =)   Yup she's not the common PET STORE cutie-cutie. Hoping you guys would give a HARDCORE fish like her a fair chance at FOTM.         VERIFICATION:  
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    My Paddlefish

    Thanks! She's 7 inches long, paddle included. My trusted importer says she eats tubifex and blood worms... Its her 2nd day in my tank. I haven't seen her take anything yet but she seems to enjoy tailing and "sniffing" a feeder livebearer.