My name is Caroline! I'm a new fishkeeper! I also work with dogs for a living! My fish are not my only exotic babies, I also have-
My very non-exotic Doberman/Cattle Dog Service Dog named Leia!
2 Female Leopard Geckos! Chubs, a 6 year old Murphy's Patternless gecko, and Banana Pepper, a 3 year old traditional morph.
1 3-Month-old Gray Tree Frog, named Petunia!
1 7-Year-old Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, named Chaska!
I also love video games and art, and am so happy to be in this community!
Austin TX
My Aquariums & Fish
20 Gal- 6 Rummynose Tetras, (Can't differentiate yet, but am working on it!)
1 Female Betta Splendens, (Honey)
3 Java Kuhli Loaches, (Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove)
1 stowaway snail. (No real name, I call her Stowaway XD)

32 Gal- *overstocked, saving for a 75 gal*
3 Dojo Loaches, (Prim, Catnip, and Marigold)
2 Calico Kuhli Loaches (Cookie and Cream)
4 Banded Kuhli Loaches (Lemon, Itty, Bitty, Sugar, Spice)
1 Java Kuhli Loach (Mocha)
6 Cherry Barbs (Tiger, Starburst, Tulip, Lily, Rose and Petal)
5 Upside Down Catfish (Leopard, Snow, Shade, Midnight, and Luna)
1 Gold Tiger Pleco (Seze)
1 Panda Garra (Clover)
1 Gold Inca Snail (Goldie)
6 Emerald Corydoras (Key, Lime, Pie, Spitz, Kiwi, and Meringue)



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