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    Southamerican Leaf Fish

    Many guppies missing today. Keeping fingers crossed. Day 5
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    Southamerican Leaf Fish

    There are apprx 22 baby guppies and about 20 ghost shrimp in the tank which is heavily planted including thick floating plants. It is my first live plant tank but i am trying to create the best inviroment for them. When i.figure out how to post pics i will.
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    Southamerican Leaf Fish

    3 days in and not eating
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    Thinking Of Going Saltwater But......?

    I been in the same situation. Try to find your fish another home that should ease the guilt.
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    Southamerican Leaf Fish

    I have devoted a 55yr gal tank for them. I have killed 4 so far and just purchased 2 more. I will not give up. To me they are the coolest freshwater fish but man are they sifficult.
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    Leaf Fish And Butterfly Fish

    I have been trying to keep southamerican leaf unsuccessfully now for over a yr. Help. Have a 55yr set up full of live plants and a ph about6.8. Have been breeding guppies just for them. They dont eat, also have ghost shrimp in the tank.very frustrated..