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    Anorexic Black Skirt (Glofish)

    Would it be latent? - I've had the school for over a year.
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    Anorexic Black Skirt (Glofish)

    No obvious SWP
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    Anorexic Black Skirt (Glofish)

    This poor fellow seems to be wasting away. I notice he is eating but is lethargic. All others in community tank are fine.
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    Scientific institute classifies cats as 'invasive alien species'
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    Look at this cool cicada on a tree!

    And now for something completely weird
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    Word Association Game

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    Random Discussion

    c.f Deer in the US
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    Random Discussion

    Scary and funny. Check out the video embedded in link below:
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    Random Discussion

    When this becomes a 'thing' relying on youz guys to represent me at the lawsuit - ya'll will get a cut :)
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    Random Discussion

    Was thinking the same, with a quick dip in the broiler
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    Random Discussion

    Salt restricted folks need not apply :rofl:
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    Random Discussion

    I was today years old when I discovered (literally) that a Pringles & Pepperoni sandwiches are yummy. Two Pringles 'chips' (Apologies to our friends in the Isles, insert manufactured Crisps here) covering a slice of Pepperoni.
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    What are you doing today?

    I want to find a backpacking stove like that. I have a tiny butane powered stove, but would like to try gas or kerosene. Apparently, collecting and rebuilding Gas Pressurized Appliances (GPAs) is a thing so there is a ton of info and items out there.