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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    Thanks Steven, this is very helpful. I will pick up 1kg crushed coral this week. I've also just picked up an 80 litre plastic tub yesterday so I can start doing 1/3 water changes. Does the coral work immediately or should I overlap the neutral regulator for a few days / weeks?
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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    Thanks Wills, I don't want to give the impression I'm tearing my hair out or anything, it is going quite well, I was just surprised that the pH had dropped so low. The fish have bounced back a little since a water change and I'm doing a 20% change every other day to raise back the ph up again...
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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    Hi Byron, I use RODI water. My tap water is 40ppm, tested and reported by the water authority. It is unusable so I use 100% RODI. I use replenish to bring back GH/KH. I will measure the tank tomorrow. My water changes are always pH 7.3, GH 11, KH 7. I'm not aware of anything other than...
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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    I don't (and won't) keep plants and am not aware how else to keep nitrates at zero but am willing to try any other trade secrets :-) While I'm interested in nitrates topic I would like to hear any views on seachem buffers. Is there something I'm missing with regards to seachem buffers in that I...
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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    Typically between 10 and 20, latest test 20ppm before weekly water change was done.
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    Seachem buffers and ph drop

    I've had a tank for about 8 months. It's a 4 foot 240 litre with a male green terror, female dempsey, gold (caqueta) earth eater and a red bristlenose. I am using RODI because my tapwater is upwards of 40ppm nitrates. I use seachem alkaline and neutral regulators to set ph at 7.3 (my tap was...
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    Vote Now - July 2022 Pet of the Month Contest

    This is one of my Golden Retreivers, called Luna. She weighs in at a lightweight 21kg, so possibly she's a cross but we just call her our mini golden retriever. Everyone thinks she's a pup due to her size, when in fact she is now 7 years old! Pre pandemic we never really had the time to...
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    Starting to get VERY irritated at this site now...

    Yes but there's at least a year before that kicks in and will need to wait and see how brave etc deals with the changes. Worst case is move to Firefox, which isn't terrible really.
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    Starting to get VERY irritated at this site now...

    Switch to Brave, you won't look back. Based on Chrome so feels very similar and works/syncs across Android / Windows etc but far more privacy and built in Ad blockers.
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    Nitrate filter

    I used the Pozzani nitrate filter as an "off the shelf" solution. It worked well, reducing my Hull tap water from 40ppm nitrate down to 0ppm but I found the filters didn't last long, maybe around 200-300 litres before the nitrates started going back up, so it was fairly expensive for water...
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    UK users: python water changer question

    I don't have the python but do have the cheap knock off version and had a similar problem. In the end I found that a standard cheapo 15mm valve worked well, like this one: 15mm isolating valve Discard the end caps and you're left with a double male, where one end screwed perfectly into the tap...
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    How much to feed bristlenose

    Hi, about a month ago I picked up a super red bristlenose, although he's more orange to my eyes! Here he is: He seems in good shape, is very active, moving all over the drift wood and sometimes the glass. He picks up any flakes that the fish miss and I also put an algae wafer in for him every...
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    Move to RODI, fish gone into hiding, anything to worry about?

    The RODI unit is new and the container has been in use for 4 months and it's never been used for anything else. The only other thing I changed was the wood. It soaked for 4 weeks before I added it but maybe that could have brought something into the tank. They are both improving each day now and...