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    How do I lower my nitrites

    Might be a silly question but did you de-chlorinate the water on the large water change?
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    Im already planning its own tank 🙈. If somethings worth doing its worth doing proper and all that 😅. It will go in with the other baby fish till its grown a bit then have the 6 foot to itself. Ive been watching videos all evening on them. Its the biggest cichlid id go for. The Dovii is a stunner...
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    I think thats part of the fun with these species, the possibility of loosing a finger or 2 over the years 😅. Ive been facinated with big cichlids for many years. Im just happy im finally in a position to keep them and properly again. I missed my previous oscars more than i realised, watching...
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    I went with the best based on reviews. The company i used for years is no longer around. Ill keep an eye in them as they grow.
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    Ch4rlie's New Tank!

    Very cool tank. I look forward to following your journal.
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    A quick couple of videos. The fish have been in the tank for around 5 days and are still a little nervous but the Oscars already know when it's feeding time and are straight to the front glass as soon as anyone walks near the tank. There is no real decor in there atm and this is for a reason...
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    I see your thread on the Nicaraguan cichlids, stunning fish. Not something ive looked at in detail but will be now. So many new fish in the hobby as you mentioned above. Some are definately not for the better. It seems once a fish is featured on a tv show it suddenly appears as a "pet". I was...
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    This is the end game. Id like a semi-outdoor pond 8 x 4 feet in size. Im planning a plywood build which would be much cheaper with just the viewing glass at the front. This is a while off though as i need to build the missus endless list of other things in the back garden area first.
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    Pictures are not great as im trying not to stress them out with my big head pressed against the glass atm. Oscars: Red terrors: There is a larger red terror in there thats a bit shy atm. They have been in the tank for 5 days so still settling in.
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    My New World Cichlid Adventure

    I'll look at them now. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop 😅. I've got baskets full of all sorts on various sites atm. I'll not let the inner child take over though. I really, really want a Jaguar Cichlid, these are up there with the Dovii and Umbees as far as monsters go but not quite as big. But...
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    In home aquarium building service in the UK?

    I will do. Thank you.