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    Algae on fish?

    I use Esha Exit for Ich when I have to use anything that's not salt (I too have salt intolerant fish) its really good IMO, but it binds to the water conditioner and becomes ineffective if I use it during a water change, so I don't change the water for a week whilst its in there...
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    Some Of My Best Guppy Photos

    Amazing ❤️
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    Algae on fish?

    oh yeah, I forgot to read the other posts, just went straight in with the first one, Ive just seen that the fish isn't in the main tank but qt.... with no filter, heater, and is being medicated..... make sure you change 50% of the water every day until they go into the main tank, waste builds up...
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    Algae on fish?

    Hello, How old is your Molly? they don't live for very long..1-2 years, that's why they have so many live babies to compensate for the short life span, it could of been his time to go. If he/she isn't of that age, it could of been something internal....doesn't look like the fishes body is...
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    Lost a plant

    I have a love hate relationship with hygrophila, once upon a time when I lived in London I had it in one of my tanks and it grew like mad, I moved to Manchester and decided to add some to the new tank but it died with in dys nd the fish had it.... I can't get it to grow, maybe because London has...
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    Used aqueon algae remover now fish staying at top of tank

    Don't change the filter cartridge, you will lose to much of the good bacteria, just do water changes for now, don't worry if you don't have Any carbon as the water changes should have made a big difference already. I was once told that you only learn the right way when you get something wrong...
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    First tank ever

    Looks pretty, are the plants real?
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    Used aqueon algae remover now fish staying at top of tank

    And I would also do large water changes every day until they are acting normal again... And also put some carbon in the filter.... Good luck
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    easy low maintenance plants

    Ha, wouldn't it be great if there was such a thing ☺ there are a few easy plants, vallisneria is good but may need some ferts as it's a fast growing plant. Plants like java fern that you attach to rocks and wood ect are also OK.
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    Platy seems very ill- please help

    Hi, sounds like she's on her way out unfortunately. She may have a wasting disease... Just best to keep her by herself so she isn't harassed and keep the water clean, fish that normally get to this state are a result from bullying, being chased too much, stressed and bad water quality. Or...
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    Betta has clamped fins after temperature dropped.....

    I dont know anything about bettad but I didn't want to read and run, I hope you can get some help.
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    Who can identify this little fish?

    I was going to say white skirt tetra too, she needs some friends ☺
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    What is this algae on my dads glass?

    Can you describe it please, it's just a bit difficult to id from this picture..... Colour, texture, how easy it comes off ect. Thanks
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    What corydoras?

    Pygmy cory, they are so tiny and cute, and you can have more of them.... I want these, but I have bronze which I also love, funny to watch them together.