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    The life of a 20 gallon Quarantine Tank

    it's been a while since I updated this thread. The tetras went into the 125 in march, and then the QT was empty (save for some ghost shrimp and the snail) for a couple of weeks. A little over a week ago we got 7 paleatus corydoras and two small firemouths (less than 2'' each). this tank is super...
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    Two Firemouths in quarantine tank - best practices?

    ok so water change is done, and as promised I took some pictures. These are some truly terrible shots so just a fair warning. Since the water change, the smaller, "male" is even more calm than before, and is a little bit more out in the open. He is seeking to be in the company of the "female"...
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    Two Firemouths in quarantine tank - best practices?

    Hi, I am in the process of working to stock my 125 gallon tank, and trying to do my due diligence by not tossing everything directly into the 125 from the get-go, but instead putting everything through the 20g quarantine tank first. The 20g is relatively heavily planted and has a resident...
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    125 gallon wall-hole tank

    All the equipment is inside the stand, but the lines have to travel from the stand into the tank one way or another. Because the tank is open on virtually all sides, the only place to travel the tubes and wires is along the middle back wall. With the wall being white and the tubing being black...
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    125 gallon wall-hole tank

    Sure I can take a couple of pictures from the other side too! The tank is in its final location, but it's kind of cool to see through the tank from the kitchen to the den! The two rooms are at different heights, so when my so looks into the tank from the play room, everything is at his eye level...
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    125 gallon wall-hole tank

    This thread is much much overdue, but I am happy to report that good progress has been made!!! A few of you probably remember the first shots of the tank: Nice overall, but far from level! We ended up shoving a couple of carpet squares under the front corners - I was hesitant to get wood...
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    20 long rescape

    Excited to see your update! Hope the snow situation was manageable. We had fun shoveling out this morning with my son, they closed daycare so nobody had anywhere to go, apparently. Sun was out and the snow stopped around 10am so apart from being a little sore and developing a healthy appetite...
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    Arghhh, aquascaping!

    That's a smart tip about the cardboard template! I like your bonsai :)
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    Help!!! Ammonia stuck at same spot during cycle

    Yay, I'm happy that your betta got an upgrade and that it is working out! Keep checking the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates daily for a week or so, so that you get a feel what your parameters are. Regarding the peppered cories, according to the seriously fish profile, they seem to be a...
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    You know what's cold?

    The water coming out of the cold tap during this polar vortex!!! Holy heck I'm surprised it doesn't freeze as it comes out of the tap lol. I suppose it's probably the same temp it is most of the winter, but it feels colder than normal. Then again, everything feels colder than normal right now...
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    Whats in your "OH SH*T!" kit?

    Just wait if you end up having kids - my toddler is obsessed with water in every form and quantity, and we learned VERY QUICKLY that tanks must be covered tightly and no water change water must be left out in any amount, ever. Lol
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    leveling a 125 gallon tank

    Haha, apparently the garage was at risk of falling over because the foundation was bd so the seller had to redo that before we bought the house. Apparently #2 the same wasn't the issue with this addition, go figure. If it wasn't the norm rather than the exception in this town, I wouldn't have...
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    leveling a 125 gallon tank

    Ok, so sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this, 125g has been staring at me empty giving condescending looks for a couple weeks (yes, clearly this fishtank has the ability to make faces....). But, this morning we finally got the big level out again and started looking at what was going...
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    It was a good day, I got some fish and some COVID mRNA in my veins!

    love the wood in that tank! I would say "looks peaceful" but I bet the barbs keep things plenty uh, vibrant :D awesome for getting the shot! A bunch of my friends are in healthcare and they've all been getting it. Most have been fine but some say that after the second dose they felt like they...
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    Hello and confused

    haha, well! I know pretty much nothing about fish breeding, but I do know that BP's are a hybrid species and as such can cross with some other cichlids. If either the oscar or the juwel cichlid is a male, it is plausible that the eggs may have been fertilized by them. However, the more likely...