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    Compatible Blind Cave Tetra Invert Tankmate..

    Personally I just found Cave Tetras a pain for nipping anything they come across and found they decimated most invert species. If you can locate Cameroon Fan Shrimp... they are tough as anything... that said... might want to check they are happy in same water parameters.
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    First Ball Python

    Yeah.... not 2ft long lol.... 1ft long maybe! He is still a youngster... though pinks are too small, he should at least be on fuzzy things by now, and try and get him used to both rat and mouse while young as it will stop him getting fussy. He isn't in bad condition though, normal shape for a...
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    Finally Got My Baes!

    They are some pretty good looking gex!! I particularly love the Bold Stripe!! That's what I would be breeding for!! I would love a pair of really super intense sunglows... cant remember the uk breeder, Cambridge Geckos I think has stunners!
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    First Ball Python

    If he is genuinely 2ft long then its more like a few years old not a few months! And sounds like it needs much bigger food. My Royals/Ball Pythons were eating small mice by the time they were a year or so old! And they weren't anywhere near 2ft long!   Have you got photos?
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    Stripping African Cichlids Video

    I had someone dump about 50 wrigglers on me of two species after they stripped two emaciated females but then decided they didn't want to raise them or kill them and knew I kept fish so turned up with two egg cups of wrigglers! I took them in but had nowhere to put them so I got inventive lol.  ...
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    Is My Amazon Puffer Skinny ?

    He isn't 'skinny' but he is borderline skinny.... he should certainly be more plump! How are his teeth and what foods are you offering? Mine always loved a good mix of bloodworm, krill, Mysis, brineshrimp, prawn, cockle and muscle etc.... or whitebait.   Also, if you are feeding live snails, are...
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    Fish Identification

    Well, its definitely not a molly, in my opinion it is too long to be a platy but its also more than possible its a swordtail x platy hybrid.
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    Bottom Dwellers Needed! (No Cories Or Plecos, Please!)

    Flagtail Porthole catfish all the way!! Stunning... and maybe a couple of tatia (wood) catfish? You don't see a whole lot of those ones unless they are feeding but worth it when you do! Especially tatia perugiae (Honeycombe catfish). I know you didn't want plecs but what about things like...
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    Hatchet Alternatives

    Erm.... hard to tell with that one actually.. would depend on the betta...
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    Fish Identification

    I've seen mollies a similar colour but usually they are more of a solid colour... I would say it looks more like a female Swordtail? there is a picture that looks very very similar..   googled 'orange female swordtail'
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    Stripping African Cichlids Video

    Its very useful :) I had to learn the hard way by guessing, didn't have access to internet then really but I figured pretty much same technique. Though I tended to use a cocktail stick to open the females mouth because I can be a tad clumsy and have useless fat fingers lol. Once mouth is open I...
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    Clown Loach Behaviour

    Lots of hiding place all over tank :) Its a bit of fishy reverse psychology... If you give them loads of hiding places, they feel a lot safer and therefore tend to come out more often. Clown loaches adore tubes!! You can have fun making tunnels around tank and cover tubes with wood or décor etc...
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    Hatchet Alternatives

    I definitely don't advise anyone wanting a surface dwelling fish not to have a lid, it is guaranteed crispy fish rather than fish with a slight headache.   There are alternatives to hatchets but hard to say without knowing tank stats but off the top of my head:   -Hatchets -Pencil Fish (Beckford...
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    Something Is Wrong With My Koi, Please Help!

    I honestly would suggest getting plastic vats to go in a shed or garage and pond filters if you know you are going to be bringing the fish inside each year!! Can be purchased fairly cheaply...   I wouldn't be surprised if your ammonia is that high, I also advise doing 100% water change and do at...
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    Expensive Day At The Lfs :)

    I always found Quick Start to be excellent, it is stronger and more effecting the Stress Zyme, its just that no obviously no product is going to be a replacement for cycling the tank but I found Quick Start sped it up and made sure it was more stable. I have always used similar products to see...