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    Has anyone seen these ?

    They are at a nearby LFS, they are quite lovely! From what I've seen they are about 5 dollars per fish.
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    April 2015 - Pet Of The Month Competition Entries

    If my bulb had not burned out and all my plants started melting away, I would have joined! Maybe next month. Can't wait to see the entries!
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    Dyed and Hybrid Fish..what we all should know

    I found a website that sells them....   I had no idea that they had expanded to clawed frogs and Oscars
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    Midnight Is Healing - Rescued Betta

    Oh how I love rescue stories. I brought one of my own, Well my cousin works kn my aunts restraint and we are all very close to each other. I went to my cousins house because her mom made dinner for the family. My cousin gets home with a vase full of water... and 2 common goldfish. Turns out they...
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    6Ft Tank Build

    It looks incredible! Is this a true biotope or arena the plants not native?
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    Low Tech Congo Tank?

    Your very welcome! I live to share information.
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    Buying Corals Online? Great for zoas Great for everything else Hope I helped!
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    Low Tech Congo Tank? It has lots of great info on African biotope setups.
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    January 2015 - Fish Of The Month Voting Poll

    Accidentally clicked null vote on my tablet  If possible give my vote to #2
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    November 2014 - Fish Of The Month Winner

    What kind of plant is on the driftwood.  Congrats by the way! 
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    My New Pair Of Kribensis

    Beautiful fish! How much were they?
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    Why Did You Join Tff?

    I joined to share information,to learn more and because i can talk to someone at 12 in the morning via chat...
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    Baltic Sea Biotope

    Sounds interesting. Following! Good luck
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    Does Amazon Frogbit Oxygenate The Water ?

    I would add hornwort or anacharis elodea, they are great filters and oxygenate water very well. Totally agree with eaglesaquarium.
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    Last One To Post Here Wins Thread 3

    I have 111 views but no replies, ive tried the wanted section.     Sorry.     If you can wait a few months, I might have some java fern, but right now they are 'plantlets'.  I was just pointing out the section, as there may be more views there than in the middle of this thread. As long as it...