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    Afraid of Pressurized CO2... Ease my anxiety, Please!

    Hi! Thank you for calming my fears. I have had the regulator on the cylinder for days. The tubing, drop check and check valve need to be added. Then I guess I'll be ready to SLOWLY open up the big value and adjust the little valve. I think I'll be studying some more You Tube videos before I...
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    Afraid of Pressurized CO2... Ease my anxiety, Please!

    I have been in this wonderful aquarium hobby for 40 years! During this crazy 2020 year, I moved, downsized and now have one 75 gallon planted tank with Rainbows and Angels. I have managed a low tech tank using Anubis, swords and java plants, but wanted to up my game, expand my plant choices...
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    betta aquariums

    Hi, I have a 2 gallon with a sponge filter. It's working really well. The waters clean, easy to maintain. My betta has plenty of room to swim!
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    Ok, I’ll treat a second time tonight. Thank you.
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    Rainbow fish tank mates

    25 is too small. I have kept Rainbows and Angels, my favorite fish, for years in a 30, 55 and now a 75 gallon. The 30 didn’t work. 55 was good, but limit your number of Rainbows to three/four. They are constant fast moving fish. I can see the difference in growth and general happiness with...
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    Thank you!!! Yes, @Colin_T was right! Thanks to him for sharing all his knowledge!
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    Wanted to provide update on my Camallanus worm infestation in my display tank. I contacted Charles, The inkster, an expert on worms and ordered 3, 5 gram packets of Lavamisole. Finished first treatment 7 days ago. This morning many strings were simultaneously exiting the anus of the Angel that...
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    72 Bow Front stocking / Angelfish

    I’ve kept Angels for years and actually bred about 200 just to see if I could do it. This hobby makes one a bit possessed! Yes, Angels can be VERY AGGRESSIVE!! And you can have issues with them nose diving each other! After many ups and downs with various numbers of Angels, I kept three Angel...
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    How long should I wait to add fish after doing a soil bottom?

    I had a 30 gallon organic dirt tank for 5 years. I used it as my Angel breeding tank. For the first time I had a planted tank with plants that were growing, BUT, it was incredibly messy to start, and I had amonia issues up front. Moving plants or changing scape created a mud filled water...
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    Thank you. I will start with the Lavamisole. Is there any chance the Tetra tubeflex worms you buy in cube that press up against the tank will cause real worms? Still puzzled by how they got in this tank. I started feeding these cubes about a month ago ... once a week. Does anyone know if...
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    He’s continuing to pass, so here’s better pics.
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    Let’s Post Pics of Christmas Decor

    Merry Christmas!!
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    To my surprise, in my 75 gallon display tank, I noticed a “light brown” version of what Camallanus worms look like, but not red, coming out of one of my angels. I’ve had Camallanus worms twice brought in with new fish over my 35 years of fish keeping. I Treated all tanks with Lavamisole and the...
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    Rainbows, Angels and Rams, Oh My!!!

    Rainbows, Angels and Rams, Oh My!!!
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    good tank mates for angel fish ?

    I have a 29 gallon where I keep a mated angel pair with 4 Juili Corydoras (they stay small) and four Bolivian rams. I created caves for the rams, which they use to hide when the Angels lay eggs. It’s been a wonderful tank to watch. Bolivian rams stay towards the bottom and are not fast movers...