My Aquariums & Fish
180 litre Jewel tank with a variety of barbs and tetra, a couple of dwarf gourami, 4 threadfins, 4 galaxy rasbora and a cory catfish. Fluval U3 filter, gravel substrate, mix of plastic and natural plants on coconut shell, bogwood and rock. A resin 'rock' decoration and an air stone. I have had this tank since Feb 2019.

2nd tank Newly purchased 300 litre Monster tank with 1400 external canister filter. Plant substrate and gravel, planted with a variety of live plants suitable for Discus. Decorated with tall resin 'rock' and large Azalea root. Tank has had fishless cycle using Aqua Pure and is now ready to stock. Main fish will be Discus but first fish will be hardy rummy nose tetra. Will also be adding an air stone and moss balls.


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