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    Betta Breeding

    Number of fry depends much on the pair used, Ie an older female will produce a lot more eggs than a younger 1 :) also depends on how well dad copes with looking after them how well they then feed once dad is out. Its impossible to say. A friend of mine *also on here* recently had 143 juvi bettas...
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    1 Week Old Betta Feeding

    you can introduce them to it yes, just keep feeding egg yolk too until your sure they are all taking it
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    Siamese Fighting Fish

    a shoal of green neons or micro rasbora would work well
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    Looking For A Breeding Pair

    depends what you wish to achieve? if your after a certain colour/tail etc red is the most dominant colour and VT most dominant tail
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    Male And Female Bettas In A 70 Gallon

    Either a single male OR a group of females not both
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    Male And Female Bettas In A 70 Gallon

    is it worth the risk? yes the tank is big but 2 males is asking for trouble let alone adding females to the mix too. Ideally you want to be looking at a group of females *theres some very nice ones out there* What are the tank dimensions?
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    All My Stock Revised With Prices

    What you after for your 2 BNs? Is that Nipper? he's looking great :D
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    Marmite X Dorito - 30Th January 2012

    See my post :good: There this spawn :D
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    Newbies From A Breeder

    Have these guys/girls reserved froma breeder friend *Sausagewinkle on here ;)* :lol: was only after 1 male and a few females but got these :good: Orange Cello Dalmation Male Cello Male Metallic Red Butterfly Male Orange Cello Female White Female Cello Female Yellow Cello Female
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    Red Dt Spawn

    no had some trouble with my females but all now seems to be well :) got Yellow Dragon DTs & Green Dragon HMs in line plus Dumbos ;)
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    Pink / Ivory Apple Snails

    What size are they please :)
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    Brown Apple Snails For Sale

    Livestock: Brown apple Snails *Cana* Quantity for sale: Roughly 16 Reason for Sale: Too Many Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £1 each or deals on muliples *ALL 1"+* Postage & Packaging: £3 1st class for however many Location: Leicestershire Photograph: Buy 5 or more and get...
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    Ive Got A New Betta Coming

    So sorry to here this hun :( Put some filter sponge between the glass and filter x
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    Help About Babies

    new born fry will not take none live food, its the movement that stimulates them to eat
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    2 is either VT or PK *you will tell from the anal fin length long and pointy for VT short and squared PK ;)* SD is 4 HM is 4+ can be upto 16 if i remember rightly