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    Baby Blue Eyes - Dwarf Puffers (Again Lol)

    Very cute he looks after the sleep, Nice Photos :good:
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    Micro Crabs Birth

    Thanks Paul :good: Hi iSnail. I put pics on crustaforum these days. I don't think anyone has raised the larvae past 9 days so far at least not that I have heard of. They lasted a few days for me, I haven't seen any today, they are so tiny its hard to see them. Cheers Peter.
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    Micro Crabs Birth

    A pic of the larvae being released. there are two larvae in this pic. Another crab remained attached to the mum while she was releasing them, not sure why. I put more of pics of them on crustaforum invert site if anyone is interested in seeing them.
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    Penang Eruption Discus

    They are real beauties, look in very good condition too.
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    The assasins will eat the mts of course.
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    Got My Macro Lens Back (crab Update)

    Excellent pics. :good:
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    Plant I,d Please

    Its water soldier (Stratiotes Aloides) a UK native.
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    Sae's And Cherry Shrimp

    Agree with Three-fingers, SAE are good hunters and they can poke their heads into small hiding places.
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    Tiger Shrimp

    They are more hardy than CRS and less tough than cherries. They should be fine so long as the tank is fully cycled.
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    Assassin Snail

    One is fine on its own, it will only eat one snail every three or four days though, more than one and they will breed but not at a fast rate. You should be able to get them for half that price elsewhere. I would acclimatise the same as fish.
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    Shrimp Deaths

    If you have some mature filter media I would put some in, or squeeze mature filter media into the tank, if there is nitrite there will be enough ammonia to kill the more sensitive species even if it doesn't show on tests. The nitrite itself doesn't bother shrimp. 26C is a little high for CRS...
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    Ideal Temperature

    25C is as high as I would go for CRS or CBS, I prefer 23/24C. In warmer climates where people use chillers, 25C is regarded as the upper limit. They can cope with 26/27C or even higher than that short term but it is far from ideal for them.
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    Pressurized Co2 With Shrimp

    Its not a problem for shrimp, I have run Co2 in a shrimp tank with night shut off. Lots of shrimp keepers do it. :)
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    Ideal Temperature

    I agree with 3-fingers, I keep them at about 23C but that is because I have them with crystal reds, if you want lots of them then they seem to do fine up to 28C, they have survived a few days in temperatures as high as 33C and they live under ice in the winter in my garden, even tiny ones...
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    Crystal Red Shrimp

    An example of an S grade.