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    Nord Stream "Sabotage" - Marine Life Impact?

    Needs ignition. Methane is a more serious greenhouse gas in the atmosphere than the CO2 it converts too when burnt.
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    A second species, Monodactylus sebae is sometimes, (rarely), seen. These are shorter in the body thus appear more vertically elongated. They lack the yellow colourations, basically silver and black. Care etc. is as with M. argentus.
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    Advice on breeding Cardinal tetras

    Be careful with "new" peat. A little does a lot, and if you have a low buffering water, you can drop your pH too far.
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    Advice on breeding Cardinal tetras

    There certainly are easier species.
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    "The boys took a beating...", interesting turn of phrase.
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    Puntioplites proctozystron

    The Swedish site I looked at has two size references, one saying maxing out at 30cm, ~12", the other saying grows in excess of 30cm, but does not elaborate on that. Reading the piece, I doubt they get much larger than 30cm if at all. It talks about their lifestyle, moving into flooded land...
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    I've also been around for a while.
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    Dwarf gold barbs?

    semifasciolatus is not a fish that grows quickly, I've kept them and recall maybe a year to get towards maximum. The gold type, often known as "schuberti" is usually a little smaller than the regular semifasciolatus, not vastly, but a little.
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    The wet markets are an inevitable source of trouble. A calm, relaxed animal in its natural environment may be exposed to virii but be healthy and fit enough to deal with it. In the confined environment of the market stalls, they are STRESSED, their systems are coping with this, and combating...
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    Harlequin Rasboras flirting or fighting?

    Harlequins are not typical egg scatterers, eggs are laid individually on the under side of plant leaves.
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    Searching for standard/common tank sizes online?

    See if Lynchfords will do what you want... Their shop in Farnborough was my local for a decade. I saw they have a second shop as well now. Good reliable firm 20 years ago, I expect they still are.
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    Harlequin Rasbora

    Harlequins are not typical egg scatterers, the eggs are laid individually on the undersides of aquatic plant leaves. Does your tank have anything like that they could consider using?
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    Don't get an altazimuth, they are a real pain, espeacially with larger scopes. You are forever having to track in two directions, (right ascension and declination), at the same time, unless you are exactly on the equator of course. It might be okay on a well set up semi-permenant, (at least)...
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    Green House

    Our greenhouse is different in design, but similar in dimensions. It is bolted to a South facing wall not far from our back door. I set it up two years ago and it has produced tomatoes, a few cucumbers and large numbers of peppers and chillies. We have been very pleased with it - it is FAR from...
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    Where will your piece be presented? I've lived in Denmark for 22 years, the hobby barely exists, I do not know of any fish shops, just a pet shop in Hillerød which has about ten tanks with really basic bread and butter species.