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    Female German Blue Ram

    I've been observing very closely and have seen no aggression still; hard to say what is going on. Unfortunately she is not doing any better (but also no worse) so I guess I'll just have to keep tabs and see what happens.
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    Female German Blue Ram

    Hey Byron. I would suspect that normally, but I've been paying pretty close attention to them as of recent and the male does not seem to be interested in her whatsoever - positive or negative. She'll swim right in front of his face and he does not even respond - and she does not act afraid of...
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    Female German Blue Ram

    Does anyone have any ideas? I think she might be too far gone, but if not, I'd like to save her if possible.
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    Female German Blue Ram

    Hey guys, looking for some insight here. I have a 20g tank (well planted, caves, driftwood etc.) with some community fish and a mated pair of rams (Golden male, German blue female). They spawned a few times unsuccessfully and then are COVID-19 hit, my tanks kinda hit the back burner (as in...
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    RO water filter questions

    You would need to purchase an actual RO unit such as this (I have this exact one, works great) and then determine what additional stages you would like. A filter like this (4 stage) typically does this: Step 1: Sediment Filter Step 2: Carbon...
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    Help identify Pelvicachromis species?!

    I'll second Colin_T here - that is definitely a male Pelvicachromis Pulcher and he does appear to be stressed from the move. I've always thought kribs were a little butt-hurt about being moved - seemed that mine would take 2-3 days to really come around. How is he doing now? Any updated pictures?
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    Kribensis breeding behaviour?

    Hello! Kribensis in my experience are much more showing when it comes to breeding, often dancing/shimmying at each other. It sounds like she is likely to have laid eggs, or will be soon. The most easy way to be positive that this is imminent would be to look and see If you see her ovipositor...
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    24inch Finnex HLC Planted + LED Fixture

    Seems to be working out very well! The color of the plants has been improving and they appear to (gasp!) actually be growing!
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    Most unusual request

    I see both sides, but I'd be willing to argue that it is not cruel. Lets break this down: 1. Clearly it's not cruel in the wild for fish to eat other fish, as it's part of their ecosystem. 2. Therefore, the real question we are asking is: "Is it cruel to intentionally feed live fish to one...
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    Blue rams with kuli loaches?

    If the temperature is not an issue, I would not expect too much trouble. Even when breeding, in my experience, Rams are not that aggressive/territorial. That doesn't mean that all Rams are this way, but in the 4 times I've had Rams I've only ever witnessed sustained aggression if there are two...
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    Neolamprologus leleupi

    I totally get it - I don't mind aggressive fish. I just prefer when the aggressive fish are aggressive sometimes, but can also be chill. That's why I mainly stick to dwarf cichlids - tons of personality, beauty and the occasional aggression without me living in fear of waking up to a bunch of...
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    Word Association Game

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    Neolamprologus leleupi

    Beautiful! I had some back in the day - but they were very aggressive and I eventually sold them. I expected aggression, but usually with Africans if there is enough rock work and tank space they'll be OK - that was NOT my experience with these guys.
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    24inch Finnex HLC Planted + LED Fixture

    Honestly, I've been using the 24/7 programming and I LOVE it! The plants are doing VERY well. I would just use the program.